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IDQ Webinars: World Quality Day Special


Data and Information Quality:  Are We Advancing Fast Enough?


Celebrate World Quality Day with IAIDQ by joining a special "virtual" panel discussion featuring our co-founder Dr Tom Redman and a few other prominent Data Quality practitioners discussing the pace of advancement in the information and data quality domain.

At this Webinar, the Data Doc will be joined by Melody Penning, President of the IAIDQ Chapter at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Piyush Malik from IAIDQ Board of Directors, and Peter Benson Executive Director ECCMA.

The session will conclude with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and share in the dialogue. We would  would like to hear about your interests, concerns, and challenges ahead of time, so share your provocative questions while registering for the event .

Please join us to celebrate World Quality Day!

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About the Author

Tom Redman's photo

Dr. Thomas C. Redman, "The Data Doc," is President of Navesink Consulting Group, in Rumson, NJ. After earning his Ph.D. in Statistics from Florida State, Dr. Redman joined Bell Labs, where he formed the Data Quality Lab in the late 80's. Tom started Navesink Consulting Group in 1996 and has been fortunate enough to consult with many of the world's leading organizations.

Dr. Redman has helped thousands understand that quality data, and more recently data governance, are top-line business issues. He has developed some of the most powerful methods of data management and holds two patents. His fourth book, Data Driven: Profiting from Your Most Important Business Asset, was published by Harvard Business Press in 2008.

He is an IAIDQ co-founder and winner of its 2011 Distinguished Member award. 

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About the Author

Melody Penning
I'm speaking at IDQ2013

Melody L. Penning is a PhD student in the Information Quality program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). She completed her Master’s Degree in Information Quality in 2012 and received honors for Outstanding Academic Achievement and Best MSIQ Project 2011-12.

She is an employee of the University, working in the Information Technology Department on data analysis and visualization. Ms. Penning is also a member of the OYSTER Entity Resolution research team at the Center for Advanced Research in Entity Resolution and Information Quality (ERIQ).  In 2012 she earned a certification in the Level I ISO 8000-110:2009 Data Quality Standard for Master Data Management and most recently she has received a Graduate Certificate in Statistics. Ms. Penning is also a past president of the UALR Chapter of the IAIDQ.


About the Author

Piyush Malik

Piyush Malik, is an entrepreneur, thought leader and leading practitioner in the field of information management with demonstrated expertise in business Intelligence, governance, big data, analytics and cognitive data science. Through his management consulting, technology, design thinking and strategy skills, he has helped transform numerous Fortune 500 clients become data-driven and improved their business outcomes. An innovation advocate and client focused engineer who cut his teeth in product and offering management, he has also built businesses and led large worldwide consulting practices in emerging technologies for leading system integration and consulting firms such as IBM, PwC and Tata in his career spanning more than two decades. With experience transcending multiple industries, geographies and domains, he is a sought after startup advisor and speaker. Resident of San Francisco Bay area for the past 20 years, he has been serving on the boards of a number of professional and non-profit organizations and is active on twitter @pmalik1 and LinkedIn:

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About the Author

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Mr. Peter Richard Benson is the Founding and Executive Director of the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA). Peter is also the project leader for ISO 8000 (data quality) and ISO 22745 (open technical dictionaries) Peter is a member of IAIDQ and  proponent of open standards for data portability and long term data preservation. Peter works to focus international attention on open metadata and how its use in software applications protects an organization’s rights to their own data as well as on the importance of data provenance, the ability to track the origin of data.

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About the Author

Robin Rappaport's photo

Robin Rappaport is the Data Quality Team Leader responsible for delivery of the Data Quality Initiative for Research Databases at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Her work and that of her team contributed to the IRS being awarded a Computerworld Honor and a Government Computer News (GCN) Gala Award. She has over 25 years of experience as a Data Quality practitioner. Her undergraduate degree was in Economics with Computer Science. Her graduate work was in Operations Research with a concentration in Mathematical Modeling in Information Systems. She has worked in both private (6 years) and public sectors (since June 1990). Her positions include Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, and Operations Research Analyst.

In addition to IQ International, the International Association for Information & Data Quality, she is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS). She was Chairman, Individual Membership for the Washington, D.C. chapter from 1987- 1990. She was elected Secretary and served from 1990 - 1991.

Contact Robin by email at robin [dot] rappaport [AT] iaidq [dot] org

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