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July 2014 webinar

Sherry Michaels webinar IDQ Webinars presents:
Data Quality Testing - Whose job is it REALLY??
with Sherry Michaels
23 July 2014
Time suits Americas and Europe

August 2014 webinar

hazia sadiq webinar IAIDQ Asia Pacific presents:
Navigating the Data Quality Landscape
with Shazia Sadiq
7 August 2014
Time suits Asia Pacific region

On demand webinarsOn demand webinars

About IDQ Webinars

IDQ Webinars are a moderated Conference Call designed to serve as discussion platform for the data and information quality community. The conference calls are supported and organized by the International Association for Information and Data Quality. IAIDQ seeks to engage experts with experience and expertise in the field of data and information quality. The calls are for all members of the IAIDQ interested in exchanging comments, ask questions and share thoughts related to information and data quality.

Participating in IDQ Webinars Sessions

The sessions are normally held every 4-6 weeks and are organized as one-hour phone conferences. Join the conference at by phone or by Skype. The sessions will be communicated through our monthly e-mail update as well as on the IAIDQ calendar. Follow the link at the top of this page to see dial in numbers.

Ground Rules

  • When speaking, always state your name first before your comments.
  • Conference sessions are recorded; recordings may be published on the Internet.
  • It is OK to disagree and have different opinions — All should share their viewpoints with respect.
  • The purpose of the discussion is not to convince others, but to learn by using inquiry to develop greater insights.
  • Comments should typically be limited to 1-2 minutes.
  • Participants should mute their phone unless they are talking.
  • The sessions will start and end on time. We will not review what has already been said for people who come in late.


Tony O'Brien Robin Rappaport is moderator of the IDQ Webinars. More information about Robin