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Get involved with IAIDQ

Getting involved with IAIDQ can provide opportunities for professional development and networking with other IDQ professionals from around the world. IAIDQ has some ambitious goals for the coming years, which brings with it many exciting opportunities for our members. Our main areas of focus are to develop a certification program and to continue to provide venues for IDQ professionals to share ideas through our newsletters, webinars, seminars and conferences and social networks (like LinkedIn). You could shape the future of IAIDQ by becoming an involved member with one or more of these programs. Most opportunities require a commitment of 2 to 6 hours per week, but in all cases we consider your availability and interests to ensure that this is a pleasant and rewarding experience for you.

People who get involved with IAIDQ initiatives must be IAIDQ members. If you are not already a member, visit the membership pages and choose the Join option on the left hand menu.

All opportunities require teamwork, and in each placement you will be paired-up with a member from the IAIDQ Board. We work in an environment of respect, we are open to new opinions and ideas, and we look to our involved members to take initiative and to strive to meet clearly-defined and reasonable objectives. Through this experience, we aim to provide you with opportunities to:

  • Develop or enhance your leadership skills
  • Grow your professional network by working with others around the world
  • Contribute to the growth and maturity of the IQ/DQ discipline
  • Contribute to the success of IAIDQ
  • Be part of something special as you live and demonstrate IAIDQ’s core values of Customer, Community, Commitment, Collaboration and Continuous Improvement.

See the list of OPEN POSITIONS in the right hand column or contact the Director Member Services if you would like more information on how to become involved.

More information about the various Directors seeking volunteers.