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Directors and Advisors

Frank Block
Frank Block, Director of Information Services
Frank lives in Sao Paulo Brazil and is CEO and founder of FinScore S.A., a provider of software and professional services. Frank joined the IAIDQ board in 2012.
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Piyush Malik
Piyush Malik, IQCP, Director of Strategy
Piyush lives in Silicon Valley, California USA and has served IAIDQ as convenor of the Ask-the-Expert forum from 2007-2008, and as board member since 2009. Following his university training in Delhi, he now has an international role with IBM Global Services.
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Joy Medved
Joy Medved, Director of Event Services
Joy lives in southern California, USA. She joined the IAIDQ board in 2013.
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John Talburt
John Talburt, PhD, IQCP, IAIDQ Advisor
John is a Professor of Information Science and the Director of the Information Quality Graduate Program at the University of Little Rock, Arkansas USA. John has served as an advisor to the IAIDQ Board since 2007.
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Kim Tran
Kim Tran, Chief Financial Officer
Kim Tran serves as Assistant Director of Academic Advising at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR), and is currently pursuing a PhD in Integrated Computing (Information Quality) at UALR.
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Christian Walenta
Christian Walenta, IQCP, IAIDQ President
Christian lives in New York state in the USA and is a founding member of the IAIDQ Board. He has held a variety of positions with IBM in Germany, the UK and the USA.
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Karen Way
Karen Way, Director of Member Services.
Karen lives in New Hampshire, USA where she runs Three Elm Technology Strategies. Karen joined the IAIDQ board in 2013.
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Lwanga Yonke
Lwanga Yonke, IQCP, IAIDQ Advisor
Lwanga was born in Cameroon and now lives in California USA. Lwanga has served as an advisor to the IAIDQ board since its foundation in 2004. He chairs the program committee of the IDQ Conference, as he has done since they began in 2007.
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Director of Partner Relations
This position is currently vacant. For more information, contact recruitment [AT]
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Chief Marketing Officer
This position is currently vacant. For more information, contact recruitment [AT]
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IAIDQ staff

Grant Robinson
Grant Robinson, Executive Officer
Grant lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, New South Wales Australia and is a founding member of IAIDQ. After retiring after a 42 year career with the NSW State Government, Grant now works part time as Executive Officer for IAIDQ.
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Becky Gregory
Becky Gregory, Administrative Services
Becky lives in Baltimore MD, USA, (where she is principal at Virtual Administrative Services) provides contract admin support to IAIDQ.
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