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Involved people

Gordon Hamilton
Gordon Hamilton IQCP, Chair IQCP Marketing Team, IDQ Conference Exhibit Coordinator
Gordon is based in Vancouver BC, Canada where he runs his own company.
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Dinah Mande
Dinah Mande, IQ Journal Editor in Chief
Master of Science in Information Quality graduate from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR), past President IAIDQ UALR Chapter. Now working for Aera Energy in Bakersfield California.
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Daragh O Brien
Daragh O Brien IQCP, IAIDQ publicity team volunteer
Daragh lives in Ireland, where he runs his own consulting business, Castlebridge Associates. He previously served as a Director of IAIDQ from 2006-2009.
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Robin Rappaport
Robin Rappaport, IDQ Webinars facilitator
Robin works for the USA Internal Revenue Service in Baltimore, Maryland.
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