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Who We Are

The International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ), is a not-for-profit, vendor-neutral professional society of people who are interested in promoting and defining information and data quality, chartered in the USA as a 501(c)(6) organization in 2004. IAIDQ is a leading source of credible and unbiased best practices on how to improve information and data quality to deliver great business results. IAIDQ products and resources are available to its members and to the public.

About IAIDQ Members

IAIDQ members are the foundation of the Association and develop many of its products and services. They live across the globe and work in all business sector industries: healthcare, financial services, energy, retail, manufacturing, environment, academia, government, insurance, consulting, and many more. Members also include students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

IAIDQ members hold a wide range of positions in their organizations, individual contributors to high level executives. They conduct, lead, champion and participate in information and data quality improvement projects. They work in a range of disciplines. Many are members of specialized information and data quality teams.

Our Vision

By cultivating information excellence, IAIDQ will help transform organizations and society, improving the quality of life everywhere.

Our Mission

IAIDQ is advancing the quality of information around the world by building a community, supporting learning and sharing knowledge for the benefit of the profession and information consumers.

Our Goals

IAIDQ’s goals are to:

  • Build and maintain a body of knowledge and certification program for information and data quality.
  • Develop means for information and data quality practitioners to connect, learn and succeed.
  • Raise the profile and recognition of the information/data quality profession.


IAIDQ is managed by a Board of Directors, which is supported by an Advisory Council. The Directors and Advisory Council run IAIDQ business and drive membership activity. The work of the Association is carried out by volunteer efforts from its involved members.

The IAIDQ Board of Directors and Advisory Council meet twice a month to discuss recent activities and decisions that are pertinent to the work of the Association. IAIDQ members can get engaged with the Association by bringing forward questions or presenting ideas to the Secretary.