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IQCP Recertification program

The IAIDQ IQCP credential is indeed the globally recognized professional badge of honor for information and data professionals around the world. Earning this credential confirms that you have successfully demonstrated depth of expertise in a wide range of topics within the six major Domain areas of Knowledge and Skills as identified in The Job of the Information/Data Quality Professional Report (2011) (aka Job Analysis Report).

Your IQCP credential is valid for three (3) years from the date you were first Certified (or Recertified), after which you must renew. To maintain the integrity of your IQCP credential, IAIDQ requires that you recertify either by Journal or by Re-examination. The purpose of recertifying is to ensure that you maintain the same level of knowledge originally demonstrated when you first passed the written examination.

If you do not recertify, your certification will expire and IAIDQ will no longer recognize your IQCP credential. If this happens, you will no longer be allowed to use “IQCP” after your name or on any of your correspondence. Your name will also be removed from the IAIDQ website list of IQCP credential holders.

Read the IQCP Recertification FAQs

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Recertification by Re-examination

Complete the IQCP exam retake application form accessed on the page Applying, Paying for and Taking the Exam.

Recertification through the Journal

Download the IQCP Recertification Journal template DOCX format — Word 2007 and later
[NOTE -- the filename is iqcp-recertification-journal.docx -- if it does not open in Word correctly after you download, make sure the filename has a docx extension.]

Recertification through the Journal is a simple process of obtaining a minimum of 60 Recertification Credits (RCs) within your three-year Recertification Period. You may accumulate the 60 RCs from professional and academic activities that either increase your knowledge within the six (6) IQCP Domains, and/or through activities that are job enhancing. All activities must be completed within your three-year Recertification Period to qualify. Additionally, all Recertification Activities must be IDQ-related – meaning that the activity relates and is consistent with at least one of the six (6) Domains and the associated Tasks, Knowledge and Skills of the IQCP framework.

It is recommended that you begin documenting your professional activities in the Journal as soon as you earn your IQCP credential. IMPORTANT: To qualify for IQCP Recertification, your activities must be “IDQ-related”. In this context, “IDQ-related” means relating to and consistent with any of the six (6) Domains and the associated Tasks, Knowledge and Skills of the IQCP framework. Please refer to the Job Analysis Report for a full list of Domain topics and their descriptions.

IQCP Recertification Credit Matrix

Division Section Category
(Activities Must be IDQ-Related)
Professional Development

(1) Attending Conferences

(2) Completing Professional Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars
(In person, online, or thru media such as DVDs)

(3) Completing College / University Education Courses
(In person or online)


(4) Maintaining Professional  / Academic Memberships
(Cannot be Social or Cultural)

(5) Attending Professional / Academic Membership Meetings
(Cannot be Social or Cultural)

Growing & Strengthening Our Community
Publishing & Instructing

(6) Publishing Books
(Author / Co-Author / Editor)

(7) Publishing / Presenting Conference Papers
(Author or Presenter / Co-Author or Co-Presenter)

(8) Publishing Articles, White Papers, Reports & Blogs
(Author / Co-Author / Editor)

(9) Teaching / Presenting Professional Development Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars / Conference Tutorials

Serving & Mentoring

(10) Serving in Member Associations
(Elected and Volunteer Positions)

(11) Mentoring Other Practitioners


(12) Maintaining Employment