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Applying, Paying for and Taking the Exam

IQCP Application form
IQCP exam retake application form
[NOTE: all forms are in Microsoft Word format. Please submit your application in Word format (e.g. DOC or DOCX), do NOT convert to PDF]

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Here is a high-level overview of the process:

  1. Select an Exam Period; complete the IQCP Application form [WORD version], pay the Application and Exam fee, and submit the form to IAIDQ. Before you start completing the form electronically, we recommend you print it, read it thoroughly and gather the all information you need for it.
  2. IAIDQ notifies you of your eligibility. If you are not eligible to take the exam, IAIDQ will refund your exam fee (the $100 application fee is not refundable). You can re-apply after you have satisfied the eligibility requirements.
  3. If you are eligible to take the exam, IAIDQ will issue you a notice to schedule the exam (approximately 40 days before the first day of the Exam Period you selected)
  4. You submit your exam scheduling request at least seven business days before your exam preferred date (30 days if you require special accommodations). 
  5. IAIDQ sends you a confirmation notice with instructions about how to register for the Web-based test with the proctoring company named ProctorU.
  6. On the exam date shown on your confirmation from the Web-based proctoring company ProctorU, you follow the instructions provided to login and take the test. It is a computer-based exam. You will receive your results within two to three weeks of the last date of your Test Window. (For a video of how it works check out ProctorU now.)
  7. If you passed the Exam, congratulations! IAIDQ will send you a credential certificate and instructions on how to use your IQCP credential.
    1. If you did not pass the exam, you can make plans to re-take it.
    2. Complete the IQCP exam retake application form [WORD version],


  1. Complete the
  2. When complete, make payment and email the form (in Word format: do NOT send PDF or scanned images) to iqcp [AT] iaidq [dot] org
  3. If you choose to pay online, use your VISA, Mastercard, Discovery or AMEX card, or your PayPal account to pay.
  4. If you choose to send credit card details or check/cheque (US$ only):
    • print the application
    • enter credit card details (if paying by card) or
      attach your cheque/check (if not paying by card)
    • Mail/Post to:
      IQCP team,
      6920 Brookmill Rd.
      Baltimore, MD 21215


Any questions?

Please contact us directly if you have remaining questions about this process.