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IAIDQ celebrating 10 years

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Information and Data Veracity:
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November 2014


Celebrate in the
    Asia Pacific

IAIDQ 10 year APAC
Speaker: John Owens
Host: Ram Kumar

Tuesday 11 November
08:30 India
11:00 Singapore/Perth/Hong Kong
13:00 Brisbane
14:00 Sydney/Melbourne
16:00 New Zealand
Time in other locations - APAC

Topic: The DNA of Data

Details for 11 Nov webinar

World Quality Day 2014

Celebrate in the
    Americas, Africa and Europe

IDQ 10 years webinar
Speakers clockwise from bottom left:
Uma Ventakaram, Nimish Mehta, John Talburt, Mario Faria, Nicola Askham
Host: Piyush Malik

Thursday 13 November
9am North America Pacific Time
12 noon North America Eastern Time
15:00 Sao Paulo
17:00 UK/Ireland
19:00 South Africa
Time in other locations

Topic: The CDO, data quality, MDM, Data Governance, Academic

Details for 13 Nov webinar


October 2014

Information and Data Quality Awards Presented to Dr Craig Fisher, Dr John Talburt and Christian Walenta

(Posted 2014-11-08)

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Welcome to the 2014 International Data Quality Summit October 6-9, 2014 Richmond VA USA
Details at


IDQ Webinar Register now for:
Sikke Van der Zee webinarIQCP: is the benefit worth the effort?
with Sikke Van der Zee
IAIDQ Asia Pacific Webinar date Mon 29 Sep 2014
(Posted 2014-08-20)
IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Nicola Askham webinarWhy You Need A Data Governance Strategy
with Nicole Askham
IDQ Webinar date Wed 10 Sep 2014
(Posted 2014-09-10)

Nicola Askham is speaking at the International Data Quality Summit

August 2014

IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
David Marco webinarWorld-Class Meta Data Management
with David Marco
IDQ Webinar date Tue 19 Aug 2014
(Posted 2014-08-20)

David Marco is speaking at the International Data Quality Summit
IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Sherry Michaels webinarNavigating the Data Quality Landscape
with Shazia Sadiq
IDQ Webinar date Thu 7 Aug 2014
(Posted 2014-08-07)

July 2014

IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Sherry Michaels webinarData Quality Testing — Whose job is it REALLY??
with Sherry Michaels
IDQ Webinar date Wed 23 July 2014
(Posted 2014-07-24)

June 2014

Summit IAIDQ and ECCMAInternational Data Quality Summit 6-9 October 2014
Registration now open
(Posted 2014-06-23)
10 years Celebrating 10 years of information quality publications
IAIDQ eNews June 2014
(Posted 2014-06-23)
Journal Information Quality Journal
Volume 10 Issue 1 -- available now!
(Posted 2014-06-02)

May 2014

IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Sikke Van der ZeeIQCP Study Experience: effort and benefit
with Sikke Van der Zee
IDQ Webinar date Wed 21 May 2014
(Posted 2014-05-22)

April 2014

IQCP (sm)
IQCP study guideIQCP Study Guide:
Version 2 now available
(Posted 2014-04-17)
IDQ Publications Journal article:
Understanding Adult Learning and Assessing Training Effectiveness:
A Primer for Information Quality Change Leaders

By Joy Medved and Lwanga Yonke
(Posted 2014-04-05)
IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Laura Sebastian-Coleman webinarMeasuring accuracy
with Laura Sebastian-Coleman
IDQ Webinar date Thu 24 April 2014
(Posted 2014-03-31)

March 2014

IAIDQ Press Release IAIDQ and ECCMA to Co-Host the International Data Quality Summit, at the Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center In Historic Richmond, VA, USA
Conference dates: 6-9 October 2014
IAIDQ logo ECCMA logo
(Posted 2014-03-29)
IDQ Webinar Listen to:
Adrienne tannenbaum webinarMetadata 2014 – What does it mean to be "Metadata Driven"?
with Adrienne Tannenbaum
IDQ Webinar date Thu 27 March 2014
(Posted 2014-02-27)

February 2014

IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Dan Myers webinarWhat is the IQCP and how to study for it?
with Dan Myers
IDQ Webinar date Wed 26 February 2014
(Posted 2014-02-27)
IDQ Publications Journal article:
When You’re Not Ready for Data Governance
By Gwen Thomas
(Posted 2014-02-11)

January 2014

IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Joy Medved webinar Information Quality Certified Professional (IQCP) — Keeping it Current
with Joy Medved
IDQ Webinar date Wed 22 January 2014
(Posted 2014-01-24)


Information Quality Certified Professional
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The State of Information and Data Quality —
2012 Industry Survey & Report

Understanding how Organizations
Manage the Quality of their
Information and Data Assets