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Information and Data Veracity:
A social media round up of news on Information and Data Quality 


July 2016

IQ Webinars Register now for:
Gian Di Loreto webinar Data Quality and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
with Gian Di Loreto
IQ International Webinar date Thu 28 July 2016

(Posted 2016-06-15)

June 2016


IQ International What's new logo Farewell tongue twister

Announcing the new name for IAIDQ:

IQ International

IQ Webinars Listen now to:
Lydia Reid webinar Evolving and Maturing Data Management: AmFam Case Study
with Lydia Reid
IQ International Webinar date Wed 15 June 2016

(Posted 2016-06-15)

May 2016


IQ Webinars Listen now to:
Gene Walid el Abed webinar The Data Excellence Management System DEMS “an alternative future”
with Walid el Abed
IQ International Webinar date Tue 10 May 2016

(Posted 2016-04-13)

February 2016


IQ Webinars Listen now to:
Gene Boomer IDQ WebinarMaster Data Sharing (Issues and Incentives)
with Gene Boomer
IQ International Webinar date Wed 24 February 2016

(Posted 2016-01-28)

IQ Excellence Award

Congratulations IAG Australia – Inaugural IQ Excellence Award Winner 2016

The IAIDQ IQ Excellence Award Winner for 2016 is IAG Australia. IAG Australia logo

IAG Australia presented their case study and accepted the award at CDO Forum Sydney, Australia on 10 February 2016

CDO Forum Sydney

January 2016


IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Dylan Jones IDQ Webinar7 Habits of Highly Effective Data Quality Leaders
with Dylan Jones
IDQ Webinar date Wed 27 January 2016

(Posted 2016-01-28)

December 2015


IQ International Journal IQ International Journal
Volume 11, Issue 1, December 2015

Read online or download (available to IAIDQ members only)

Features articles on:
  • Finance perspective to cost of poor data quality (COPDQ)
  • Statistical process control and data quality monitoring and reporting

(Posted 2015-12-04)

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The State of Information and Data Quality —
2012 Industry Survey & Report

Understanding how Organizations
Manage the Quality of their
Information and Data Assets