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IAIDQ celebrating 10 years

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Information and Data Veracity:
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November 2014


Celebrate in the
    Asia Pacific

IAIDQ 10 year APAC
Speaker: John Owens
Host: Ram Kumar

Tuesday 11 November
08:30 India
11:00 Singapore/Perth/Hong Kong
13:00 Brisbane
14:00 Sydney/Melbourne
16:00 New Zealand
Time in other locations - APAC

Topic: The DNA of Data

Details for 11 Nov webinar

World Quality Day 2014

Celebrate in the
    Americas, Africa and Europe

IDQ 10 years webinar
Speakers clockwise from bottom left:
Tina Rosario, Uma Ventakaram, Nimish Mehta,
John Talburt, Mario Faria,
Nicola Askham, Michael Schroeck
Host: Piyush Malik

Thursday 13 November
9am North America Pacific Time
12 noon North America Eastern Time
15:00 Sao Paulo
17:00 UK/Ireland
19:00 South Africa
Time in other locations

Topic: Is Quality really Free?

Details for 13 Nov webinar


IDQ Meetups Houston — 5 November 2014

October 2014

Information and Data Quality Awards Presented to Dr Craig Fisher, Dr John Talburt and Christian Walenta

(Posted 2014-11-08)

IAIDQ logo
ECCMA logo
Welcome to the 2014 International Data Quality Summit October 6-9, 2014 Richmond VA USA
Details at


IDQ Webinar Register now for:
Sikke Van der Zee webinarIQCP: is the benefit worth the effort?
with Sikke Van der Zee
IAIDQ Asia Pacific Webinar date Mon 29 Sep 2014
(Posted 2014-08-20)
IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Nicola Askham webinarWhy You Need A Data Governance Strategy
with Nicole Askham
IDQ Webinar date Wed 10 Sep 2014
(Posted 2014-09-10)

Nicola Askham is speaking at the International Data Quality Summit

August 2014

IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
David Marco webinarWorld-Class Meta Data Management
with David Marco
IDQ Webinar date Tue 19 Aug 2014
(Posted 2014-08-20)

David Marco is speaking at the International Data Quality Summit
IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Sherry Michaels webinarNavigating the Data Quality Landscape
with Shazia Sadiq
IDQ Webinar date Thu 7 Aug 2014
(Posted 2014-08-07)

July 2014

IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Sherry Michaels webinarData Quality Testing — Whose job is it REALLY??
with Sherry Michaels
IDQ Webinar date Wed 23 July 2014
(Posted 2014-07-24)

June 2014

Summit IAIDQ and ECCMAInternational Data Quality Summit 6-9 October 2014
Registration now open
(Posted 2014-06-23)
10 years Celebrating 10 years of information quality publications
IAIDQ eNews June 2014
(Posted 2014-06-23)
Journal Information Quality Journal
Volume 10 Issue 1 -- available now!
(Posted 2014-06-02)

May 2014

IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Sikke Van der ZeeIQCP Study Experience: effort and benefit
with Sikke Van der Zee
IDQ Webinar date Wed 21 May 2014
(Posted 2014-05-22)

April 2014

IQCP (sm)
IQCP study guideIQCP Study Guide:
Version 2 now available
(Posted 2014-04-17)
IDQ Publications Journal article:
Understanding Adult Learning and Assessing Training Effectiveness:
A Primer for Information Quality Change Leaders

By Joy Medved and Lwanga Yonke
(Posted 2014-04-05)
IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Laura Sebastian-Coleman webinarMeasuring accuracy
with Laura Sebastian-Coleman
IDQ Webinar date Thu 24 April 2014
(Posted 2014-03-31)

March 2014

IAIDQ Press Release IAIDQ and ECCMA to Co-Host the International Data Quality Summit, at the Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center In Historic Richmond, VA, USA
Conference dates: 6-9 October 2014
IAIDQ logo ECCMA logo
(Posted 2014-03-29)
IDQ Webinar Listen to:
Adrienne tannenbaum webinarMetadata 2014 – What does it mean to be "Metadata Driven"?
with Adrienne Tannenbaum
IDQ Webinar date Thu 27 March 2014
(Posted 2014-02-27)

February 2014

IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Dan Myers webinarWhat is the IQCP and how to study for it?
with Dan Myers
IDQ Webinar date Wed 26 February 2014
(Posted 2014-02-27)
IDQ Publications Journal article:
When You’re Not Ready for Data Governance
By Gwen Thomas
(Posted 2014-02-11)

January 2014

IDQ Webinar Listen now to:
Joy Medved webinar Information Quality Certified Professional (IQCP) — Keeping it Current
with Joy Medved
IDQ Webinar date Wed 22 January 2014
(Posted 2014-01-24)


Information Quality Certified Professional
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The State of Information and Data Quality —
2012 Industry Survey & Report

Understanding how Organizations
Manage the Quality of their
Information and Data Assets